Why It Matters

Fire Vision allows you, the insurance agent, the ability to quickly find the existing fire protection features and hazards in a building or site you may not be familiar with. The associated information will allow for the tracking of ITM and production of reports to document the deficiencies, levels of risk, recommendations, and corrective actions taken over time. Having this information will serve the first responders, improve client relationships, and speed up facility audits.

Use Case – Field Recommendations

This is the recommendations icon. This would appear over and area where you have made a recommendation to the client. When selected the icon would display the following critical information:

  • Recommendation Name
    The name is autogenerated (Recommendation ###) unless manually entered
  • GPS Location
    Also, autogenerated the point is in the center of the area where the recommendation is being made
  • Distance
    Provides the linear distance from the user to the location of the recommendation. This assist in finding the area, and is automatically generated via GPS.
  • Recommendation Description
    A text box is provided to write details about the recommendation. This has an unlimited number of characters so it can be detailed.
  • Comments
    Another text box specifically for comments.
  • Facility Comment
    A third Text box for comments or concerns made by the facility or client.
  • Recommendation Cost Benefit Analysis (RCBA) Table
    A table is supplied to provide a cost benefit analysis.
  • Photo(s) Placeholder
    Photos can be attached to document the recommendation before and after.