Why It Matters

Fire Vision provides you with a value added service for your customer when installing or conducting ITM. When a job is completed, Fire Vision can be updated to document the work completed on the site or within the building and shared with the client. Fire Vision will create good will between you, the owner, and the fire department as it provides an easy to use communication tool for all. The client will be impressed with the cutting edge technology. Below is one example of the over ninety icons available in Fire Vision.

Use Case – Hazmat Tank Information

This is an example of the liquid tank icon that would be displayed on a firefighter mobile device. This icon would appear over a bulk storage liquid tank and could be co-located with a flammable liquid HAZMAT icon. When selected it would display the following information:

  • Fuel Tank Name
    The name is autogenerated (Fuel Tank ###) unless manually entered
  • GPS Location
    This is an autogenerated point in center of tank volume
  • Distance
    The distance between you and the tank. This is automatically generated via GPS coordinates
  • Tank Information
    Diameter, Height, Construction, Contents, Fire Protection Features, Time to Boil Over, Foam Requirements
  • Radiant Exposer Distances
    A table displaying the compliance distances for radiant heat
  • Date of last inspection Description
    This provides a text box to put additional relevant information

Use Case – Deficiency Resolution

This is the deficiency icon. This would appear on the live view of your mobile device above the volume encompassing the deficiency. The following information would be displayed if the icon was selected.

  • Deficiency Name
    The name is autogenerated (Deficiency ###) unless manually entered
  • GPS location
    Autogenerated point in center of the deficiency
  • Distance
    Displays the distance from the Fire Vision user to the deficiency. This is automatically generated via GPS
  • Violation Information
    Violation Type, Violation Number
  • Date of Last Inspection
    When the item was last inspected by a fire safety professional
  • Deficiency Description
    Detailed description of the deficiency and what needs to be done to resolve the issue.
  • Photo(s)
    Provides a placeholder to store photos of the deficiency.
  • PDF
    Provides a placeholder to store PDF documents associated with the deficiency.