Why It Matters

As the building owner you are the responsible party tasked with ensuring that the fire and life safety is adequate and maintained.  Other parties are regularly tasked with auditing a buildings fire protection features, deficiencies, and fire hazards to determine the level of risk. These groups are interconnected together with a common fire protection goal. Reports are written and provided to you, the owner, which are then used to establish the level of insurance and what actions need to be taken. Fire Vision is an easy to use tool that provides improved communication, documentation, and report producing features. Deficiencies can be located and tracked with ease along with the fire systems Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance (ITM). In the event of an emergency, Fire Vision can be used to assist first responders and onsite fire brigades.

Use Case – Fire Extinguisher Compliance

This is the fire extinguisher icon. It will appear over the location of a portable fire extinguisher mounted in a cabinet or a wall. When selected, this icon will provide the following key information:

  • Extinguisher Name
    The name is autogenerated (Extinguisher ###) unless manually entered
  • GPS Location
    This is autogenerated to a point in center of the volume encompassing the fire extinguisher
  • Distance
    The distance from you to the the fire extinguisher is automatically generated via GPS. This can assist with code compliant spacing.
  • Type
    The type of extinguisher, for example; dry chemical, water, foam
  • Capacity
    The size of the extinguisher, for example 2.5 gallons.
  • Pressure
    The expected pressure in the can, for example 100 psi.
  • Date of Last Inspection
    Date when the particular extinguisher was last inspected by a fire safety professional.
  • Visual Inspection Checklist
    A list of all the items one should check for when doing a visual inspection, such as a legible and dated tag, clear operating instructions, an intact pin, and correct pressure gauge reading.
  • Description
    A text field where you can put any other additional information about this particular item