Why It Matters

Fire Vision allows you too quickly find the existing fire protection features and hazards in a building or site. The associated information will allow for the tracking of ITM, produce reports, and highlight deficiencies and corrective actions taken over time. Having this information during a crisis will serve the first responders improving situational awareness as well. Below is an example of one of the icons and associated information available in Fire Vision. There are over 90 icons currently in Fire Vision.

Use Case – Deficiency Resolution

This is the deficiency icon. This would appear on the live view of your mobile device above the volume encompassing the deficiency. The following information would be displayed if the icon was selected.

  • Deficiency Name
    The name is autogenerated (Deficiency ###) unless manually entered
  • GPS location
    Autogenerated point in center of the deficiency
  • Distance
    Displays the distance from the Fire Vision user to the deficiency. This is automatically generated via GPS
  • Violation Information
    Violation Type, Violation Number
  • Date of Last Inspection
    When the item was last inspected by a fire safety professional
  • Deficiency Description
    Detailed description of the deficiency and what needs to be done to resolve the issue.
  • Photo(s)
    Provides a placeholder to store photos of the deficiency.
  • PDF
    Provides a placeholder to store PDF documents associated with the deficiency.