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Augmented Reality is a new way to organize and display critical fire protection information. Fire Vision is a platform for storing and visualizing this information so it is accessible while on the move at your fingertips.


Times more likely to use AR as a decision-making factor


Times more likely to make decisions significantly faster


Times as likely to execute decisions as intended

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How does Fire Vision AR Work?

Detailed Scan

We 3D scan the area, building, or point of interest – then we take that information and create a highly detailed 3D image.

Hazard and Resources

We place relevant icons in the 3D space to identify hazards, resources, equipment, and utilities.

Rich Information

We input relevant information for each icon so each resource or device is clearly defined when and where you need it.

When we’re finished, you use the Fire Vision app to identify fire protection features, fire hazards, and other relevant site information.

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Who Should Use Fire Vision AR?

Building Owners / Managers

Insurance Agents



Authorities Having Jurisdiction


Did We Catch Your Attention?

What Icons Are Available?

Over 100 icons are available in Fire Vision. The majority of the icons are standardized symbols taken from HAZMAT and NFPA 170 Standard for Fire Safety and Emergency Symbols. When an icon is selected the user will see information relevant to the icon. Depending on the icon selected, the information could include MSDS information, fire fighting best practicesSOPs, or Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance (ITM) records.

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